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Video bo na voljo v nedeljo 28.2.2021 od 20:00 do 22:00 ure.
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The Mugshot
Playing with her character “Matilda” –from the Black Box Vaudeville– and the looks and format of the silent film era, Neža Bojović performed the Mugshot during the first Covid lockdown, directed and post-produced by Carlos Pascual.
42 ogledov
The Typewriter
Playing around "The Typewriter", by Leroy Anderson, Matilda along the HerrP have put together this classical piece from our Vaudeville.
24 ogledov
Blatni Dol Trailer
A trailer of our third Literary Kabaret episode dedicated to the work of Ivan Cankar "Kdo je ostal v Blatnem dolu?
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White Shoes
In a series intended to introduce Mexican and Latinamerican poets to international audiences, Carlos Pascual as Herr P offers us his rendition of a poem by Fabio Morábito. Shot during the first Covid lockdown.
85 ogledov
Neža Bojović is Matilda; and Matilda is Carmen! Short video of a work in progress shot during the first Covid Lockdown.
28 ogledov

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