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Literarni kabaret

Video bo na voljo v nedeljo 28.2.2021 od 20:00 do 22:00 ure.
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Para los que llegan a las fiestas
A poem by Rubén Bonifaz Nuño through the voice of HerrP; shot during the first Covid Llockdwon at the Black Box.
3 ogledov
Nezakonita melanholija
The first Literary Kabaret: The launching of the book "Nezakonita melanholija", by Carlos Pascual.
7 ogledov
Playing with her character “Matilda” –from the Black Box Vaudeville– and the looks and format of the silent film era, Neža Bojović performed the Weightlifter during the first Covid lockdown.
108 ogledov
Mermaida in kitajski Blatni dol
Mermaida tells us a Chinese story for the episode dedicated to Cankar and Blatni dol.
10 ogledov
V iskanju Urške
The second episode of our Literary Kabarets dedicated to the two main characters of a ballad by Franc Prešeren.
5 ogledov
Starry Sky
A time-lapse of Slovenian artist Noemi Veberič Levevnik painting a starry sky by hand, one star at a time, in our ceiling, during the summer of 2019.
86 ogledov

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