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Video bo na voljo v nedeljo 28.2.2021 od 20:00 do 22:00 ure.
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Former Cult Member Hears Music For The First Time
Another quirky short film from a director Kristoffer Borgli, with a title that is a description.
3 ogledov
A virtuoso short film that doubles as a music album promo. Playing with a genre and highlighting some zeitgeist ticks.
7 ogledov
Kačur’s Seduction
Madam Glam performs at our "Kdo je postal v Blatnem dolu" to [...]
102 ogledov
We won’t forget
An unsettling short in which nothing really happens but an accurate tableau of a moment.
8 ogledov
Konzervirano – a teaser
As a part of presenting an anthropological essay-monologue by Nena Močnik at the Pocket Taeter Studio, we produced this teaser back in 2015.
370 ogledov
Nilski konji v puščavi
Promo video of the book "Nilski konj v puščavi", available on the [...]
17 ogledov

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